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Impending Christmas ‘Silly’ Season OR Planning Season ??

From now on, we mostly get caught up in the ‚Äòbefore Christmas‚Äô scenarios. And that means with typical January disruptions, next thing you know it is February¬†and little has been done to ensure next year will be a strategically planned success. With the horrendous onslaught of digital disruption to almost every business model,¬†those who are […]
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How to Engineer Your Brand’s Competitive Advantage, so that you are the leader of the pack and stay that way

Gone are the days where your Product or Service alone ‚Äòranks‚Äô as a competitive advantage. So as a business, the more focus you put on meticulous scrutiny of all communication and its influence on your Brand and how it generates Profitable Sales outcomes, the more likely you are to be able to stay ahead of […]
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Sales Team Need Fresh Skills? A Guide to Choosing a Motivational Sales Speaker

In this blog post we will look at the considerations involved in choosing a motivational sales speaker when your Sales Team needs fresh skills around Closing ‚Äì Prospecting ‚Äì & Selling More to Current Customers. Typical overview: Often there is a lack of Sales and so the Sales Team performance becomes the focus and the […]
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How to Choose a Motivational Sales Speaker for your next Conference

Typical overview: Get the Sales Team together and ‚Äòpresent‚Äô what we want them to do + give them the up-to-date product info ‚Ķ which unfortunately often becomes a greatly underutilised format. Typical desired outcome: Have the Team go away all filled-up with Strategy and Product info and ready to hit the road running ‚Ķ however, […]
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