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Total Conference Content Design & Facilitation

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“Possibly our most dramatic service, filling a void in the Conferencing Segment of the business world, by providing a Total Conference Content Design & Facilitation process to enable our Clients to get more bang for their Conferencing dollars than they ever have before.”

The Conference Content Catalyst

… for your outcomes!

Encompassing Colin as . . .

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As a highly credible business speaker in his own right, Colin becomes the catalyst for the information being presented and the desired outcomes. His results-orientated approach, combined with his unique ability to stimulate the required Shift in Thinking enables each presenter to gain greater value from their sessions. In fact, his skill to sequentially link each component of the Conference, enables an overall synergy to evolve – a key area of his performance often commented on by Conference organisers. All with the appropriate use of anecdotal humour!

Extensive pre-conference/convention consultation

  • to assist in the construction of the event from a content and sequence aspect
  • to develop the critical ‘links’ which tie the program together in a purposeful manner
  • expert advice on external speakers and their relevance to achieving desired outcomes
  • a degree of coaching for other non-professional presenters

The opening keynote to set the scene carefully tailored to open the delegates minds to an enhanced way of thinking and acceptance of the future challenges.

The most befitting Speaker and Segment Introductions flavoured with the intended outcome in mind laced with humour when appropriate.
Colin relaxing with his wife Gaye after Facilitating the Conference and being the MC at the Gala Dinner
Colin relaxing with his wife Gaye after Facilitating the Conference and being the MC at the Gala Dinner

Purposeful closing presentation to each Speaker or Segment (he can even put into context, in a matter of minutes, a slide show narrator or Powerpoint button pusher’s presentation) this component reinforces the objective and desired outcome.

Making the ‘Trade Exhibition’ an event, by ensuring delegates attend ALL the booths via the introduction of a unique communication format which results in both parties gaining exceptional value.

Designing and presenting of a specific breakout Session on Sales & Marketing issues if required or appropriate.

M.C. for the Gala or Awards Dinner, humourous hosting of the Sponsors ‘Happy Hour’, plus for a Dinner Charity Auction ‘Auctioneer Extraordinaire’
Charity Auctioneer Extraordinaire
  • Fantastic, the best corporate Auction I have ever seen, Colin played the audience to perfection, people were moved to tears (as they realised how much he had convinced them to spend!)

    Rob Kelly, Sales & Marketing Manager
    Rob Kelly, Sales & Marketing ManagerWom Asia Pacific

Closing Keynote address with a high motivational component, all totally focussed on reinforcing the desired objectives and outcomes.

When it all goes wrong! The Speaker became nervous and sat down…

  • Just wanted to congratulate you on the fabulous effort you made to save Joe’s life. It was such a good save, I wondered if the whole thing was contrived! It was only when I spoke to Joe after that I learned it wasn’t. Colin you did a great job. You just jumped in there like you knew exactly what to say and how to follow on from the main point. Fantastic!

    June Hope, Conference Delegate
    June Hope, Conference Delegate

The ‘litmus test’ for a Conference in today’s environment, of information rich yet
often buy-in poor, is to have the delegates leave saying ” you had to be there”
that means many interactions need to be contrived and executed by a credible
Business Speaker/MC/Anchor and intuitive Facilitator that is the role
Colin Bockman has crafted to perfection over 30 years.

Colin enhances Conference Content to enable the concepts and strategies to be ‘sold’, not just told.

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