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How To Turn Customer Complaints into Customer Opportunities

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The first thing to do to turn a customer complaint into a customer opportunity is as soon as the customer has a problem, say thank you. That’s it. “Thank you. Thanks for telling us we’ve got a problem. Thanks for telling us about it.” It’s really hard for somebody to be angry at you when you’ve just said thank you to them. That’s the simplest and most powerful thing you can do.

People struggle to do it because they instantly go into defensive mode. “Oh they’re complaining. Oh they got a problem. How am I going to fix this?” More brain damage. Just say thank you.

Thanks for telling us about the problem, let’s see how we can sort it out. The customer goes a little lower, then you go a little lower, then it’s easy to deal with. And then all you have to do is let them burst their bubble. Just let them burst their bubble.



That’s rule #1. There’s 6 rules in the little booklet how to handle a customer complaint to turn it into a customer opportunity the opportunity being you can win them for life because here’s what we know: if you fix a customer’s complaint and you do it in such a way that they feel comfortable, they actually intentionally buy from you next time. Yeah? Yes they do. Do you know why that is? Because they know the status quo.

They know that if something does go wrong, how you’ll deal with it, whereas if they go somewhere else, they don’t know and it could be brain damage, it could be an argument. Customer complaints are fantastic. You get a customer complaint, get excited. Say “fantastic, I’m going to win this customer for life.” First I’m going to say “thanks for telling us”, they’re going to let them burst their bubble, then we’re going to sort out how we do it 6 simple steps.

Wow! How easy is that?

How to deal with customer complaints booklet

Colin Bockman
Colin Bockman
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