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Unique ways to significant Sales Growth
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How to Grow Your B2B Sales through your Sales Teams ability to capitalise on your Marketing Initiatives

Strategy …to really define the offer and how it can be communicated

colin bockman business 2 business sales improvement The most often statement made is “our team can’t close sales, manage their time well or open new accounts” … so is it their fault, usually not, stay with me here. Sales People want to succeed, and sure, often times they don’t have the full range of appropriate skills and methods, but just addressing this aspect will almost never achieve the desired outcome. All the components which influence the Customers perception of the Brand and the Brands offering need to be taken into consideration.

Once these vital aspects are considered the Strategy can be developed … then the challenge is to ensure that all members of the team who ‘touch’ the Customer/Client are promoting the exact same offering and importantly they are doing so in a coordinated, consistent and innovative manner. The key words being, innovative manner.

Marketing Managers, Product Managers, Sales Managers, Customer Service Managers, Distribution Managers etc are all involved as they all have responsibility for various ‘touch’ points and they all have the power to enhance or destroy the Brands value.

Methodology …being non sales-generic is the secret

Create fresh innovative ways to present the ‘offer’ – break the nexus and focus on how the offer achieves the desired outcome …

That means revisiting the ‘touches’ and polishing them to be non-sales-generic eg: through words used on the phone, to the likes of brochures being only developed as Sales Tools for either the Representative and or Retailers, to the all important Agenda for Sales Meetings.

Execution …using actual scenarios in high-impact interactive sessions

Of course when fresh approaches are developed people need enhanced skills to carry out the strategy. The secret is to camouflage the new skills as ‘execution of the strategy’

People are inherently resistant to change, so the prime focus is to Shift their Thinking in a manner which is relevant to what they will gain from the fresh approach and that is not always what is seen as the obvious, by Management.

The old process of Marketing creating the project, then it is over to the Sales Team to make-it-happen, is dead. In today’s highly aware marketplace, everyone has to be ‘sold’ not told that is the underlying principle of the Execution phase.

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    Sharon Rechtman, Marketing Manager
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