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The missing link to Creating a Winning Conference
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Get Total Value From Your Conferencing Dollars…

Strategy …to Shift Thinking & Inspire Actions which make a difference, and have some fun

“we want a Keynote Speaker to motivate and keep them awake after lunch on day one”.. yes that is what I have heard so many times … reason being, the Conference will most likely be a parade of PowerPoint presentations and the actual content and its importance will have been watered down to a tell fest.

So to ensure every Presentation/Component is directed at the desired outcome and is a reflection of the Theme, is absolutely critical, yet for many conferences it is seldom achieved.

Methodology …it is all about the correct sequence of every component

Planning of what needs to be conveyed by whom and how requires independent expertise to ensure the best possible scenario … this is where The Sales Architect’s neck-top-computer comes into play, as the under lying objectives and issues are evaluated. Then the ideal format can be created.

Execution …it begins with the planning and ends with the buy-in occurring

The missing link – Having a skilled Facilitator/Catalyst who can set-up and tie-down every Presentation or ‚Component of the Conference, to make each one a contributing factor to conveying the overall message and achieving the desired outcomes … no matter how much preparation, the Sales Architect will be ‘helping’ to get buy-in of the various messages on-the-day.

That is the value of a skilled catalyst who has extensive Sales and Marketing knowledge … and knows how and when to use it!

Clients Say…

They decided they needed to Achieve more for their Conference Investment

  • It was shown to us what could be achieved with a skilled individual presiding over the event.  The program flowed exceptionally smoothly and you always managed to massage the presenter's content back to relate to the conference theme and in some instances simplified the message to ensure a full understanding of the topic by all present.  A job well done and I highly recommend your services to companies or organisations who may wish to utilise your services in the future.

    Peter Fox, General Manager
    Peter Fox, General ManagerAutobarn Pty Ltd

A delicate Summit Facilitated beyond expectations

  • Your professionalism, humour and high degree of ability to bring out the best in our delegates, whilst at the same time keeping them totally captivated, was the work of a highly professional facilitator and entertainer. With your accomplished presentation and compering skills, our job was made much easier... It has been gratifying to receive such positive feedback about the Summit. Your participation in our program was a significant highlight, and I trust that on a personal basis, it was fulfilling for you too..

    Bob Seiffert, Chief Executive Officer
    Bob Seiffert, Chief Executive OfficerCountry Fire Authority, Victoria

Franchise Group grappling with changes

  • I would strongly recommend his services. He spends a great deal of time prior - absorbing exactly what you want to get across and then suggests how it can be done without conflicts. These suggestions worked perfectly - he had a great control of the room - the franchisees really liked having a 'neutral' person there - and especially someone so knowledgeable and someone who they felt could empathise with them.

    David Clemmett & Peter Bassett, Directors
    David Clemmett & Peter Bassett, DirectorsLaser Group Management Ltd

Dealer Group with significant issues

  • Excellent . . . Without Colin's facilitation, VDO would not have achieved even half of what we achieved. All agree he was excellent (and saved our bacon)!

    Dorothy Patrick, Marketing Executive
    Dorothy Patrick, Marketing ExecutiveVDO Kienzle

The litmus test for a Conference in today’s environment, of information rich yet
often buy-in poor, is to have the delegates leave saying “you had to be there”
That means many interactions need to be contrived and executed by a credible
Business Speaker/MC/Anchor and intuitive Facilitator … that is the role
Colin Bockman has crafted to perfection over 30 years.

Do you have any questions about your upcoming conference and would like to leverage the experience that Colin has in his ‘neck top computer’?

There is no obligation to utilise Colin’s services he is happy to gift some of his expertise, which enables you to also gauge his potential value to your event.

Call now 0418 318 799 and talk about ideas for your conference.

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