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Product Launch

Making a Product Launch Rock with Results
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To ‘Rock’ a Product Launch – is to have the Products sell-in and sell-through!

Strategy …to make the glitz support the sell-in and sell-through

A Marketing Manager once said to me ” our job is to launch the Product, it is ‘Sales’ job to sell it” … nothing could be further from reality!!

The challenge is to ensure every aspect of the Launch is directed at the outcome. So often way too much info is covered during the launch which results in the water-being-muddied, so to speak … absolute clarity of purpose is the key, so that each person knows exactly what they need to do and how.

Methodology …defining where the Product needs to ‘live’ in the minds of the audience

Getting people’s mind-time in today’s world is one of the biggest obstacles … Shifting their Thinking and Inspiring them to take Action becomes the next step. So every component has to be appropriately ‘flavoured’, from invitation, to the vital sequence of the info, to the way it is linked and cemented.

Unfortunately, often times the Marketing Dept have become way too close to the Product as they have lived-it for maybe a year or so … and sometimes they are not fully aware of the sell-in and sell-through nuances that will need to be addressed, but they get the job to completely construct the Product Release.

Enter the independent catalyst who can take an outsiders view to the challenges of having the message bought by all.

Execution …using the unique expertise of an independent Facilitator & Catalyst

The Audience are always slightly resistant to the glitz and feel that the Presenters are there primarily to satisfy their agenda … they inadvertently develop a them-and-us mode. The secret is to massage the messages to reflect that there is a WIN to be had for ALL, when they take-up their part in the Product Program.

However, the absolute secret is to control the outcomes immediately after the launch – one of disciplined Actions not warm fuzzies !

Ensuring success and preventing failure, requires a dedicated and often ‘clever’ follow-up plan to encourage and inspire take-up and implementation by ALL parties … enter the Independent Catalyst again !

Clients Say…

Taking the group into a new area

  • I believe that your willingness to embrace new and different methods to get the message across is why you are at the forefront of your profession.

    Ron Pedder, Managing Director
    Ron Pedder, Managing DirectorPedders Suspension

A Challenging sell-in of a new strategy

  • I would like to take the opportunity to express our appreciation for the impact that your coordinated and personal presentations had on our five State launch.Your choreography and enthusiasm ensured that our overall message 'Hit the Mark' to more than 400 Bosch Dealer participants.

    Gary Burns - Divisional Manager, Sales and Marketing
    Gary Burns - Divisional Manager, Sales and MarketingRobert Bosch Australia

Exciting the Dealers to embrace the Product Positioning

  • Excellent - brilliant presentations - did not hear any negative comments - only positive - the most productive/motivational Speaker we have had.

    Nick Clemens, General Manager
    Nick Clemens, General ManagerToro Wheelhorse
Whether you are looking to reduce risk or take over the world with your next product launch you owe it to yourself to run your launch past Colin.

Colin’s complimentary 15 Minute Product Launch Triage Strategy Session is just what you need to enable you to discover the often missing-link to many product launches.

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