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Clever Conversion & Profit Generation
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An example of how a 25% increase in conversion rate was achieved with just one simple adjustment to the process…

Strategy …to dissolve the Quote n Hope mentality

I hear it often – “our sales to quote % is getting worse” the fact that the word ‘Quote’ is used, is my first sign that there is a problem that is because a Quote is seen by the receiver as, a) to be compared and b) to be negotiated great scenario , NOT !

No matter what the situation; from a Typical Retail visit to a home to ‘measure’ or the hundreds of Retail ‘considered’ transactions in the likes of Vehicle Servicing, to buying Tyres etc etc, or a Technical Person making a site visit to evaluate a vast Electronics Security System the old demon, of Quote n Hope creeps into the process.

Every ‘touch’ must be non Quote n Hope ! From what is communicated during the enquiry, be it taken by phone or by email OR the pro-active scenario where a prospecting contact has been made. Evaluating the complete Sales Track is crucial to creating a strategy which will place the Brand and Offering in a fresh light and replace Quote n Hope with a more appropriate format.

Methodology …respecting that price is a key factor, yet placing it in context to the outcome

The first thing to do is remove the negative ‘Quote’ word from the internal language and from the information and language used with the Customer we can’t stop the Customer from using it, BUT we can stop ourselves critical aspect!

There are so many different Sales situations, so to generalise we have to tweak these ‘touches’ so they can be applied by existing staff and more importantly, are acceptable within the Customers expectations this requires close evaluation of exactly how things are done now, which opens up the opportunity to take a fresh approach, which then reduces the typical Quote n Hope processes a focus back on the Customer respecting the value which enables margin retention!

Execution …skilling the team and inspiring them to believe in their value offering

Nothing is new in this space people are always reluctant to change and so the new processes and methods have to be ‘Sold’ not told, and in a manner which enables all involved to appreciate how it will make life easier for them. They all hate the Quote n Hope scenario as they all view it as sucking time from their productivity, so the prime direction is to show them how the new strategy with clever methods, will significantly improve their hit rate it can be done!

A Quote ( of a different nature) “it has been said that to keep doing the same thing and expect a different outcome is business insanity” and yet that is what is happening all day every day, because businesses are not aware of how to break the Quote n Hope nexus you now don’t have to be one of them

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Clients Say…

Busting through the barriers
  • Your passion for your subject matter is exceptional. You electrify your audience by providing them with real-world how-to's in a highly motivational way using the right amount of humour.

    Andrew Muir, MD
    Andrew Muir, MDThe Good Guys
Creating Sales Opportunities from scratch
  • Within the first 5 minutes Colin had us all captivated with his enthusiasm and passion. Colin's research was impeccable. Our Franchisees were inspired and encouraged by what they had just witnessed.

    Marianne Hagarty, Group Administration Manager
    Marianne Hagarty, Group Administration ManagerPACK & SEND Systems Pty Ltd
Finding new ways to address old challenges
  • "We have taken on board a lot of new ideas and will be using them in the future."
    Gai Mitchell-Hoare, Regional Franchisee

    "Thanks once again for imparting a small slice of your (no doubt) boundless and powerful knowledge."
    Glen G. Irvine, Regional Franchisee

    "the attendees said they would like ‘more of Colin’."
    Sophie Tabouel, Fastway – Marketing coordinator

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