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“Through a unique process of quickly evaluating your current go-to-market strategy and methodology, I’m able to identify and scope the possible improvements, to achieve more Sales with more Profit more often … without turning the organisation upside down”

Improvement in which of these?

Typical Sales Challenge… of a B2B and Retail ‘flavour’

When Sales volumes/numbers/profits are not at the desired levels, Management have been known to cry out “Sack the Sales Team and get some people who can sell” OR, just as irrational, “Get someone to train our sales people how to Close the Sale”.

The problem is never as simple as that, which means neither of these approaches ever obtains a long term result.

What usually happens is each department runs for cover… “it’s not the Products fault we make them spot on and they last” …so that is Manufacturing off the hook… “it’s not Marketing’s fault, we give them all the support they could ask for”, never their fault… “it’s not Distributions fault, we can only deliver what is in stock” even if it is not always on time or the correct item… “it’s not accounts fault, if they don’t pay we have to cut off their credit” cut and dried… “it’s got to be the Sales Departments/Frontline fault”. And they all agree 5 against 1, they also have the answer which infers that the Sales Department must be deficient in their performance in some way… back to sack them all or train them…

WRONG… well not totally, as there are always multiple reasons!!

Sales people do not take up the role of Sales Person because they like to fail, in fact they are driven by the complete reverse. They love to succeed no matter how minor the success is, be it getting a Customer to buy a bun with their coffee or having a Customer return due to their trust in the Salesperson and buy another $100,000 piece of equipment.

Salespeople’s results are a direct reflection of firstly, how they are Managed, followed by the Brand’s positioning and then the Product/Marketing/Tools they have to work with, plus how ‘competitor factors’ influence their Market Place.

Through the Sales Architect’s Audit, we take a total view of everything which influences the Sales Outcome. Then report on all the aspects that need to be addressed and create a plan to make the necessary improvements…

…the key then, is to SELL-IN those improvements as being positive, and at the same time influence the various skill levels to ensure the strategy can and will be applied.

The typical steps to re-engineer Sales Outcomes

Please note that the Sales Architect decides on how in-depth the Sales Process Audit will need to be after having completed an initial interview and investigation process.

Step 1

Initial Interview and Investigation of existing go-to-market strategy… the core information

Step 2

In-Concept outline of areas to be enhanced and possible strategies and execution… real-world approaches

Step 3

Complete outline of the Total Sales Outcome Improvements, aspects and commitments… for all Departments

Step 4

Execution of all the components required to Shift the Thinking and achieve the desired results… High Impact

Some of the aspects The Sales Architect considers investigating

How customers are dealt with/treated/influenced/sold to from the first contact to post sale to retention and referral.

Often all parties are talked to, including satisfied and dissatisfied Customers even suppliers in respect to their relationships and how they can impact on the process.


Structured forms which involve reams of paper and statistical analysis are not used… you get the exclusive use of the most powerful computer and unique software program in the form of The Sales Architect Colin Bockman’s neck-top-computer.

The focus in on the real issues via a get down and dirty approach, to find out what needs to be done.


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