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Why Sales Training is not the Answer

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The answer to sales success is to ‘sell’ in a manner which is non-sales generic, in other words, to communicate with the Customer ONLY about what is relevant to them without following the typical sales process.

That is because when the generic sales process is used, as in ask questions to identify needs and wants followed by a sales presentation(which is what 99% of sales training is about), the Customer immediately turns-off.

They turn-off because their past experiences have most often been of a salesperson trying to ‘sell’ them something which may well not have been ideal for their situation… colin-image-quote-fight-flight

So their senses come into play, yes their inherent fight, flight or freeze reaction.

Not consciously, but subconsciously, and that is why so many sales training programs fail to hit-the-mark. People buy from people they trust, and by using a generic sales process most sales people inadvertently shoot themselves in the foot by breaking the trust through ‘perception’ even if its not the reality … This happens in the majority of selling situations all day everyday, right around the world.

The solution is to use a non-sales generic approach thereby removing the possibility of past experiences being triggered and thereby influencing the Customers receptiveness.

Many sales are lost everyday when in fact they should have been made as the logic was absolute – it was the neurological aspect which destroyed the outcome. Yes neurological, as that is the connectivity pathways aspect which is affected when the inherent fight,flight or freeze come into play.

So using a non generic approach removes the ‘past’ experiences association and so significantly enhances the likelihood of success for both parties!

Here is a brief overview of a non sales generic approach … The tailoring of this methodology is ideally done via applying it as an execution of the marketing strategy more than a sales approach. Give me a call for a 15 minute Sales Method Triage … and/or click here to view my clever method!

Colin Bockman
Colin Bockman
A sales veteran with 30+ yrs of experience who has worked with the largest brands in Australasia. If you are a Marketing/Sales Manager or an MD who wants to Shift Thinking of their troops and create an innovative Selling Methodology to blast their opposition away, then get in contact with Colin for examples of how he has achieved results for companies in a similar position to yours.... a 15 minute 'triage' of your situation over the phone may well lead to significant Sales Increases for you! Click here to read, what Colin’s Clients say about his work
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