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How to target new customers

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People often ask me how to target new customers. Its easy. In this video I share the advice that tell clients.

Work out what you do with the existing customers and for what reason they buy from you. Find new customers of the same profile and tell the new ones that your profiling them or you’re coming to see them because they are like the others. It’s really that simple.

When a customers approach and you’ll say, “We have this experience, that experience, we know these things about this industry, we know these things and that’s why we’ve come to talk to you because we’d like to share that with you. Give you that same opportunity.” The customers goes, “Well, I’m listening because you’re talking directly to me and my circumstances.”

What I found is that when you’re trying to get some more customers you’ve already got a customer base. You’re dealing with people. You want to get more and you might want to go outside that industry but you’ve got to draw some parallels, so never make a cold call. There’s no such thing as a cold call, it’s crazy, it’s warm if not getting hot.

It gets hot because you know something about them that you can repeat and say, “That’s why I’ve come to see you.” It’s almost as if, “Gee, it’s your lucky day I’ve come to see you because you qualify.” You wouldn’t use the word qualify but I think you get my point and that’s how you new target customers.

I’ve worked with organizations for many, many years, I’m being frustrated out of my brain as to why they go out and look at all these new avenues which they don’t have a parallel on to and they haven’t got a story to talk to about parallel or a testimony as such.

The key ingredient is for what reason that people buy from you now, how do I draw that across to another one and say, “You have a similar profile,” and show that person that it’s safe then to deal with you because you understood their profile. Really, that’s how you target new customers. It’s as simple as that.

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What is your best tip for targeting new customers? Let me know in the comments below.

Colin Bockman
Colin Bockman
A sales veteran with 30+ yrs of experience who has worked with the largest brands in Australasia. If you are a Marketing/Sales Manager or an MD who wants to Shift Thinking of their troops and create an innovative Selling Methodology to blast their opposition away, then get in contact with Colin for examples of how he has achieved results for companies in a similar position to yours.... a 15 minute 'triage' of your situation over the phone may well lead to significant Sales Increases for you! Click here to read, what Colin’s Clients say about his work
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