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  • I mentioned to a colleague the other day that you are the key reason for a big chunk of my success, that is because over more than 10 Years of working with me you have been my Business Model Mentor, which lead to the creation of my highly successful industry leading format.

    You’ve been my valid Sounding Board via your superb thinking processes which quickly guide me to yet another significant improvement, plus you have continually enhanced my Marketing and Sales Strategies with your clever ethical methods... Colin you are a unique resource! Thanks for ALL you have done for me.

    Andrew Gardner
    Andrew GardnerInvestors Edge Finance
  • Colin was a great help to us in organising and presenting our content in a way that flowed, held their attention and delivered the "what's in it for me" factor for our Franchisees and staff.

    Chris Gurney, Director of Operations
    Chris Gurney, Director of OperationsBakers Delight Holdings Ltd
  • It was shown to us what could be achieved with a skilled individual presiding over the event.  The program flowed exceptionally smoothly and you always managed to massage the presenter's content back to relate to the conference theme and in some instances simplified the message to ensure a full understanding of the topic by all present.  A job well done and I highly recommend your services to companies or organisations who may wish to utilise your services in the future.

    Peter Fox, General Manager
    Peter Fox, General ManagerAutobarn Pty Ltd
  • I received most of the feedback forms back … the attendees said they would like ‘more of Colin’.

    Sophie Tabouel, Marketing coordinator
    Sophie Tabouel, Marketing coordinatorFastway
  • You really drew the best out of the Team and got them thinking on a different level. You challenged them, stretched them and opened them up, which set a great platform for me to continue with over the next day and a half.

    Jeff Page, State Manager - Victoria and Tasmania
    Jeff Page, State Manager - Victoria and TasmaniaTower Life Australia Ltd
  • I just wanted to again thank you for your assistance at the AAFRB LPG Industry seminar last Saturday. I thought you tied everything together really well and smoothly drew out and reinforced key messages and relevancy, thereby significantly value adding to the communication uptake by the audience. Well done and thanks !

    Jason Carter, Senior Conciliator
    Jason Carter, Senior ConciliatorConsumer Affairs Victoria
  • Thanks for your fantastic contribution on the day in assisting us to achieve our goal ... we now know we are all working in the same direction

    Melissa Hunter, Marketing Director
    Melissa Hunter, Marketing DirectorSunliner Recreational Vehicles
  • "We have had a 45% increase in business since your program... one could say that you have had an impact on our business - thanks."

    Rob Stockdale M.D.
    Rob Stockdale M.D.Skill Hire
  • The Ask the Experts segment you organised was recognised as one of the very best parts of the whole Conference.

    Dennis Edleston, National Operations Manager
    Dennis Edleston, National Operations ManagerPACK & SEND Systems Pty Ltd
  • One Agent said that it was exactly what she needed to boost her confidence. Another said it reminded him of why he decided to be an Agent. Your presentations provided us with everything I was looking for and more. You are an exceptional speaker and a great thinker. Can’t wait to see you at our next conference.

    Sharon Rechtman, Marketing Manager
    Sharon Rechtman, Marketing ManagerTotal Beauty Network
  • Fan-bloody-tastic! Relevant material, timely and followed on in a logical way. – Julie

    Colin has the group moving in the right direction. – Alan

    Colin does a great job of achieving objectives. – Debbie

    Excellent . . . and most of all Colin's wonderful way of putting information across in an easy-to-understand manner whilst having fun. – Leonie

  • "You exceeded our expectations - massively!"

    Peter Parker, National Dealer Manager
    Peter Parker, National Dealer Manager
  • We have improved our Average Invoice Value and our Servicing sales have gone through the roof, thanks to your Project and the Scheduled Maintenance Programme (focus).

    Les Seiler, Franchise Manager
    Les Seiler, Franchise ManagerPitStop New Zealand
  • Last night’s sales training was simply awesome, your level of passion for what you are doing is contagious … Thank you.

    David Fahey, State Manager (WA)
    David Fahey, State Manager (WA)Pedders Suspension
  • We hit $100,000, it is as a result of us putting into practice all the Customer Contact methods you showed us over the years. Thanks Colin.

    Euan Haig, Manaqer, Ferntree Gully Branch
    Euan Haig, Manaqer, Ferntree Gully BranchPedders Suspension
  • Extremely pleased with your excellent presentations.

    Tom Buxton, Director
    Tom Buxton, DirectorBuxton Real Estate
  • Our members felt that you really got down to the nitty-gritty of selling.

    Roger Wilson, General Manager
    Roger Wilson, General ManagerForty Winks Pty Ltd
  • Your session was in the top 2% of anything I have ever experienced.

    Paul Harvey, State Manager W.A.
    Paul Harvey, State Manager W.A.UltraTune Auto Service Centres
  • Your personal examples on how you have made your own life such a success were a great inspiration for us. Thank you again for your inspiration.

    Alexandra Yuille, Managing Director
    Alexandra Yuille, Managing DirectorCenovis Pty Ltd
  • Excellent - brilliant presentations - did not hear any negative comments - only positive - the most productive/motivational Speaker we have had.

    Nick Clemens, General Manager
    Nick Clemens, General ManagerToro Wheelhorse
  • Delivered it with the right emphasis and empathy.

    Derek Stott, Managing Director
    Derek Stott, Managing DirectorWater ECOscience
  • It was a breakthrough in the concept of LEADERSHIP.  Now understand the 'Fragile Variables' are MY (CEOs) real priority. Listening to Colin this morning has helped me avoid repeating a mistake. Now realise sensitising my people to customer's viewport is MY key priority.

    Geoff Leonard, Chairman
    Geoff Leonard, ChairmanTEC
  • Out of the Australian culture. Colin cuts through "conventions" and restrictive practices. He understands real customer orientation simple believable but good 'lateral thinking' input good understanding and presentation on how to change staff attitudes and personal (my) attitudes - he is action-oriented and a good facilitator. So many usable items. BEST EVER!

    Adrian Geering, Chairman
    Adrian Geering, ChairmanTEC
  • Your professionalism, humour and high degree of ability to bring out the best in our delegates, whilst at the same time keeping them totally captivated, was the work of a highly professional facilitator and entertainer. With your accomplished presentation and compering skills, our job was made much easier... It has been gratifying to receive such positive feedback about the Summit. Your participation in our program was a significant highlight, and I trust that on a personal basis, it was fulfilling for you too..

    Bob Seiffert, Chief Executive Officer
    Bob Seiffert, Chief Executive OfficerCountry Fire Authority, Victoria
  • I would strongly recommend his services. He spends a great deal of time prior - absorbing exactly what you want to get across and then suggests how it can be done without conflicts. These suggestions worked perfectly - he had a great control of the room - the franchisees really liked having a 'neutral' person there - and especially someone so knowledgeable and someone who they felt could empathise with them.

    David Clemmett & Peter Bassett, Directors
    David Clemmett & Peter Bassett, DirectorsLaser Group Management Ltd
  • Excellent . . . Without Colin's facilitation, VDO would not have achieved even half of what we achieved. All agree he was excellent (and saved our bacon)!

    Dorothy Patrick, Marketing Executive
    Dorothy Patrick, Marketing ExecutiveVDO Kienzle
  • Your passion for your subject matter is exceptional. You electrify your audience by providing them with real-world how-to's in a highly motivational way using the right amount of humour.

    Andrew Muir, MD
    Andrew Muir, MDThe Good Guys
  • Within the first 5 minutes Colin had us all captivated with his enthusiasm and passion. Colin's research was impeccable. Our Franchisees were inspired and encouraged by what they had just witnessed.

    Marianne Hagarty, Group Administration Manager
    Marianne Hagarty, Group Administration ManagerPACK & SEND Systems Pty Ltd
  • "We have taken on board a lot of new ideas and will be using them in the future."
    Gai Mitchell-Hoare, Regional Franchisee

    "Thanks once again for imparting a small slice of your (no doubt) boundless and powerful knowledge."
    Glen G. Irvine, Regional Franchisee

    "the attendees said they would like ‘more of Colin’."
    Sophie Tabouel, Fastway – Marketing coordinator

  • I would like to take the opportunity to express our appreciation for the impact that your coordinated and personal presentations had on our five State launch.Your choreography and enthusiasm ensured that our overall message 'Hit the Mark' to more than 400 Bosch Dealer participants.

    Gary Burns - Divisional Manager, Sales and Marketing
    Gary Burns - Divisional Manager, Sales and MarketingRobert Bosch Australia
  • I believe that your willingness to embrace new and different methods to get the message across is why you are at the forefront of your profession.

    Ron Pedder, Managing Director
    Ron Pedder, Managing DirectorPedders Suspension
  • Your presentation of 'making it happen' was most appropriate and tied together nicely the issues raised by our internal speakers in reinforcing the theme of 'One Team One Goal'.

    Max Chapman, General Manager
    Max Chapman, General ManagerSportsco Pty Ltd
  • Colin's experience and presentation was first class, he took us back to our teenage years so we could understand why we are like we are. Now we can all change to become better leaders.

    Jennifer Kirkland, Franchise Support
    Jennifer Kirkland, Franchise SupportPirtek Fluid Systems Pty Ltd
  • A mix of humorous business antidotes was much appreciated and certainly served to hold the attention of the entire audience.

    Gary Tuck, Franchise Manager
    Gary Tuck, Franchise ManagerAmpol Road Pantry Pty Ltd
  • I sincerely appreciated the way in which you undertook your presentations and was sensitive to the underlying issues and difficulties.

    Jeffrey Stone, Chief Executive Officer
    Jeffrey Stone, Chief Executive OfficerFlag International Limited
  • The highlight was . . . COLIN BOCKMAN!

    Paul Adamson, Joint Managing Director
    Paul Adamson, Joint Managing DirectorGuthrie Bowron, New Zealand
  • You scored an outstanding 90%!

    John Chambers, Victorian Chairperson
    John Chambers, Victorian ChairpersonAustralian Telemarketing Association Inc.
  • Sold four new 4WD tyres to a Customer who came in for a puncture repair - he said "I went to the vehicle and did the things Colin suggested and bingo, a profitable sale."

    Richard Woodney, Area Sales Manager
    Richard Woodney, Area Sales ManagerTyres4U (NZ)
  • Your energetic, relevant and powerful message lifted the group to a new high.

    Peter Parker, National Dealer Manager
    Peter Parker, National Dealer ManagerCanon
  • After the way you handled our conference in Auckland, it was an easy decision to have you again this year. Your contribution assisted us in making this our best ever conference. I would be happy to act as a reference for you should you require as much in relation to anyone else requiring your services.

    James Fitzgerald, Managing Director
    James Fitzgerald, Managing DirectorFoodco Group Pty Ltd

  • Your experience and confidence, of what works best to achieve the objectives, is invaluable during the planning stage and your ability as a cohesive facilitator is second to none.

    Mark Brown, General Manager
    Mark Brown, General ManagerFernwood Female Fitness Centre
  • We really appreciated your innovative way of introducing Peter Brock and how you made our members feel comfortable giving Peter the standing ovation he deserved.  You made it all look like it was meant to be that way. Your experience and expertise made it possible for us to provide our members and trade exhibitors, with their best Conference ever.

    Peter Moore, Program Manager
    Peter Moore, Program ManagerAPRAA HUNTER 2000 Conference
  • Colin Bockman is simply the Best! On that day Colin was instrumental in actually moving the culture of the organisation to a positive and permanent position. I heartily recommend Colin to any Franchisor seeking a culture shift.

    Ray Cooper, Group Managing Director
    Ray Cooper, Group Managing DirectorThe FibreCare Australia Group Pty Ltd
  • You did a fantastic job of motivating and keeping the members informed.

    National Committee
    National CommitteeAuto Parts Recyclers Association of Australia
  • Your enthusiasm, sense of humour and ability to ensure that all attendees are able to identify with the message we were trying to get across was excellent.

    David Jamieson, General Manager
    David Jamieson, General ManagerThe FibreCare Australia Group Pty Ltd
  • Without your hosting and facilitating of all the events and tying the themes together the Conference would not have been the tremendous success it was.

    Chris Malcolm, Managing Director
    Chris Malcolm, Managing DirectorClark Franchising Pty Ltd
  • Over 23 years of retail involvement and have never been moved enough to write to anyone good or bad. However, I believe your effort and delivery was the best I have seen and I know that everyone at the Conference thought the same as I do.

    Bill Paligorov, Group Product Manager
    Bill Paligorov, Group Product ManagerClark Franchising Pty Ltd
  • Once again the conference went well and you were able to keep the pace up and keep the conference moving in a positive manner culminating in an excellent close with our Product and Marketing team. I look forward to future conferences.

    Chris Malcolm, Managing Director
    Chris Malcolm, Managing DirectorClark Franchising Pty Ltd
  • It was what they didn't see, didn't hear or didn't know that made your total contribution so fantastic. The willingness to mix so freely with delegates.

    Peter Gosden, Director
    Peter Gosden, DirectorSuperConference '99
  • We have talked about the Conference a lot since coming home and each time your name comes up as a terrific motivator and entertainer who we believe created the bond between Franchisor and Franchisee. Thank you.

    Goodie and John Tofte
    Goodie and John TofteBright Eyes, Ipswich
  • The event was an outstanding success, which was as a direct result of your contribution. We thank you and look forward to your future participation and support for this annual event.

    Fumo Okuma, Chairman & CEO
    Fumo Okuma, Chairman & CEOBridgestone Australia Ltd
  • Everyone is 'buzzing' about the weekend this morning. All of us at Beaumont Tiles would like to thank you Colin for the great effort this weekend!

    Bob Beaumont, Managing Director
    Bob Beaumont, Managing DirectorBeaumont Tiles
  • The reality was it lived up to everything we hoped for. Thank you so much for an interesting, amusing and thought-provoking Session.

    Chris Bonaface, Chief Administrator
    Chris Bonaface, Chief AdministratorCapt'n Snooze
  • This was no one-way gabfest. It was kept informal but structured and interactive. The facilitator, Colin Bockman, was well prepared and the agenda very relevant. Colin kept it practical, allowed discussion to be made on many issues while avoiding the conference becoming mired too deeply in specific issues.

    Bruce Myers, CEO
    Bruce Myers, CEOLenard's Pty Ltd
  • Your professionalism, humour and high degree of ability to bring out the best in our participants, whilst at the same time keeping them totally captivated, was the work of a highly professional facilitator and entertainer. Your participation in our program was a significant highlight. We look forward to meeting you next when the opportunity presents.

    Len Foster, CEO
    Len Foster, CEOAustralian Fire Authorities Council
  • Fantastic, the best corporate Auction I have ever seen, Colin played the audience to perfection, people were moved to tears (as they realised how much he had convinced them to spend!)

    Rob Kelly, Sales & Marketing Manager
    Rob Kelly, Sales & Marketing ManagerWom Asia Pacific
  • Just wanted to congratulate you on the fabulous effort you made to save Joe’s life. It was such a good save, I wondered if the whole thing was contrived! It was only when I spoke to Joe after that I learned it wasn’t. Colin you did a great job. You just jumped in there like you knew exactly what to say and how to follow on from the main point. Fantastic!

    June Hope, Conference Delegate
    June Hope, Conference Delegate
  • Great to meet you over the weekend at the Fulcrum Conference. You did a great job of keeping the event organised, on time, and your summaries of each section were fantastic.

    James Mitchell
    James MitchellAutosoft
  • You hit the mark and I was very pleased with your performance and the content delivered. I know much of the info you used was as a result of listening-in on the earlier in-house presentations which highlights the superb job you did. The way you used comparisons, especially with the motor vehicle industry, was impressive and certainly helped to get the CHANGE message across. Also the objection handling section and PIGEON HOLING/Customer perception discussion. The way we need to change the customers perception and the Sales Teams perception of what they are selling and to change from the box to the solution, plus what they call themselves, was all excellent.

    It certainly took the day away from HO telling us, to you discussing why. Feedback from the Sales Team was also very positive. They all liked your style and the comparisons which made them all think about their individual situations.

    Thanks again Colin on a wonderful afternoon.

    Vince Leccese, Melbourne Regional Manager
    Vince Leccese, Melbourne Regional ManagerToshiba (Australia)
  • The best news we could have received! Again may I express my appreciation for the guidance you gave me and the team at that most critical point in our negotiations. I've been around the traps for a while and I have to say you fashioned our thinking and gave us the professional edge that achieved this splendid result... I have become a Colin Bockman fan!

    Mark Smith JP, Chairman
    Mark Smith JP, ChairmanGosnells Financial Services Limited
  • Opposite Lock has made use of Colin Bockman as our National Conference MC for a number of years with great success. Colin has the ability to ensure that the conference runs smoothly, efficiently, and without a hitch. Colin's fantastic sense of humour and quick wit keeps things lively, light and always very interactive. Thanks for your assistance over the years.

    Clive Finkelstein, Managing Director
    Clive Finkelstein, Managing DirectorOpposite Lock
  • Just a quick note to thank you very much for Saturday's presentation. As usual you took control from the outset. Your message was clear and unambiguous. The key points were delivered and explained beautifully. The feedback has been very encouraging, both about the quality of your presentation but also that some of the delegates may even try to implement some of the changes you advocated. With a "hard to effect change" franchise network - that's an achievement in itself!!

    Grant Miles, National Franchise Manager
    Grant Miles, National Franchise Manager Solomons Flooring / Carpet Call
  • As I saw at Fulcrum Suspension Conference, your real-world applications are key and bring any of our research findings from the theoretical to the applicable. I’ll bring this front of mind to see what could be done … there have got to be some opportunities out there for this dual approach!

    Mark McCrindle
    Mark McCrindleMcCrindle Market and Social Research
  • Fantastic presentation, you hit the spot, great feedback, well done.

    Ron Gawith, Key Account Manager (Presentation Sponsor)
    Ron Gawith, Key Account Manager (Presentation Sponsor)Auto Super Shoppe NZ Conference
  • ... I have been involved in co-ordinating and implementing training programmes for many years and have a comprehensive library of material, however, none of it compares with your 'hands-on' person-to-person approach. I was particularly impressed with the way you were able to evaluate our needs so accurately and the depth of preparation you undertook. Obviously the workshops with our sales people and your visits to our T-Marts have established a rapport that has contributed greatly to the success of the programme. I can also confidently state that the audio cassette provides excellent reinforcement of the programme and is the best of its type I have ever heard. The follow-up Telephone Incentive Campaign which you designed has been successful in helping encourage our people to keep the skills at 'top of mind'.

    Mark Brown, National Marketing Director
    Mark Brown, National Marketing DirectorBob Jane Corporation
  • Attendees Feedback...

    “Brilliant, set the tone of the conference” “Relevant & entertaining” “Added huge amount of additional value and material - good focus" “Amazing energy, makes sense” “Struck the right cord” “Clever, knowledgeable, added value to the conference” “Fantastic presenter, got so many good tips on how to be better, very encouraging personality” “Very professional, he understood what we were wanting and delivered fabulously”

    Brought back the next year...

    "very entertaining, well spoken and very experienced and informative" "So Enthusiastic" "Full of beans - he's super, has a great memory and can hold everyone's attention" "Colin reviews all sessions very effectively and manages to condense very well for overall view"

    Rothbury Insurance Brokers
  • I often relate to people the number of procedures we have taken on in Auto Leaders after your previous visits, and it’s well overdue to have you introduced to a new group of Customer Service personnel that were not here last time.

     Bob Day, Managing Director
    Bob Day, Managing DirectorAuto Leaders Aust Pty Ltd
  • I had a lot of really positive feedback on the session. Really appreciate your help and professionalism.

    Craig Magill, National Sales & Marketing Manager
    Craig Magill, National Sales & Marketing ManagerBurson Automotive
  • The general feedback from all regions is fairly consistent, which was a total buy in of the Profile , Offer , Outcome concept … What is evident, is a better skill set in identifying opportunities and a vast improvement in how we present proposals. I see some positive results coming from the exercise and a shift in the way we have presented ourselves in the past but I also recognise we must continue with the training.

    Henry Epskamp, Northern Regional Manager
    Henry Epskamp, Northern Regional ManagerBrake & Transmission NZ Ltd
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